EDA Technology Breakthrough

“X-EPIC” stands for “Accelerating EDA Pioneer Innovation Center”. X-EPIC is where EDA(Electronic Design Automation) industry elites and technology talents of cutting-edge skills come together from all corners of the world. Building on the three bases, Intelligent Debug, Smart Compiler, and Intelligent Verification Cockpit, X-EPIC products will cover everything you’ll need for digital chip verification, including: Hardware Emulation System, FPGA-based Prototyping, Intelligent Verification, Formal Verification, and Logic Simulation. We provide innovative chip design verification solutions and expert consulting services to our partners. X-EPIC is committed to the research and development of next generation EDA 2.0 software and intelligent electronic design platforms to improve chip innovation efficiency with technological revolutions, boosting chip design simpler and more accessible.

X-EPIC, a Chinese leading company in the field of EDA (Electronic Design Automation) intelligent industrial software and...
August 10, 2020 – X-EPIC Technology Co., Ltd. (X-EPIC) announced that Dr. TC Lin joined X-EPIC as the Chief Scientist on...


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